Saturday, January 11, 2014

Family Command Center

Finished the command center.  Again, it's not the craftiest, prettiest thing, but for now I'm more concerned with functionality and simplifying than looking the best.  It's simple enough.  

Family Command Center
On the left side, the top one is just "stuff."  Important stickies or whatever.  The next two and the bottom right are all chore charts for each of the kids.  The bottom left is just a message board.  I made a pen holder and attached a notepad and the extra thumb tacks.  On the right board, the top is a weekly calendar printable.  The second one down is a menu planner, and at the bottom  I attached two notepads in list form for shopping lists.  Then I found these cute free labels just because I love labels and it added something to it :).  (One says "Stuff" for the top left board, one says "This Week" next to the weekly calendar, one says "What's for Dinner?" next to the menu planner, and one says "Shopping List" between the two shopping list notepads.)  There is a folder bin on the wall on the right and we each have a folder in that for things we need to follow up on.  There is also a paper/mail sorter on the desk below for bills due. 

If everyone will use it, the command center could be a lifesaver.
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